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Community Resource Centre


Mission Statement

Network 4 Change provides social programs, resources and supports that bring stability, hope, strength, and wellness to families and community members.


Who We Are

Network 4 Change - Community and Family Resource CentreNetwork 4 Change began in February 2005 as a collaborative community ad hoc steering committee with the purpose being to oversee the program development and implementation of the youth program Road 2 Success. Incorporated as a non-profit organization in July 2005 and registered as a charity in 2007, Network 4 Change has now broadened their scope of community initiatives with the intent to enhance the community social economy. Operating as a community resource centre for the Beausejour-Brokenhead area, a variety of social programs and services exist for people of all ages.



Stronger community members, stronger community.


Social Determinants Of Health

Many factors have an influence on health. In addition to our individual genetics and lifestyle choices, where we are born, grow, live, work, and age also have an important influence on our health.  According to the Government of Canada, the Determinants of health are the broad range of personal, social, economic and environmental factors that determine individual and population health.

Network 4 Change programs are designed to support individuals based on the determinants of health and related impacts that are unique to them.

The main determinants of health include:

  1. Income and social status
  2. Employment and working conditions
  3. Education and Literacy
  4. Childhood experiences
  5. Physical environments
  6. Social supports and coping skills
  7. Healthy behaviours
  8. Access to health services
  9. Biology and genetic endowment
  10. Gender
  11. Culture
  12. Race / Racism


Our Values

ACCOUNTABILITY – We are accountable to our commitments and values as individuals and as a team.

COMMUNICATION – We are transparent and value input from all.

HUMOUR – Laughter builds rapport and trust in our relationships and helps maintain wellness and balance.

INCLUSIVE & DIVERSE – We support one another by being open minded, understanding, and respectful.

LEADERSHIP – We provide clear vision, goals, and response to opportunities and challenges that affect our community.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE – We embrace change and possibilities with optimism.

TEAMWORK & RESOURCEFULNESS – Staff, board, partners, and volunteers combine strengths and pool resources to achieve common goals.


Board of Directors

  • Bridget Broek – Chairperson
  • Kaylee Andrews – Treasurer
  • Trevor Proutt – Personnel Director
  • Michelle Anns- Secretary
  • Roberta Lund – Vice Chairperson
  • Kelly Fiebelkorn – Executive Director
  • Dana Rueckert – Assistant Executive Director & Program Coordinator


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